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Maintenance and Repairs

At Transvac Precise, our goal is to provide professional and affordable repair services to clients across the area. If you have something that needs fixing, just stop by our shop and we’ll have it back to you in working condition in no time at all. That’s what our top-notch customer service is all about.

Mechanic Working on Motorcycle
Dishwasher Servicing
Electricity Repair Work
Bike Repair Shop
Fixing the Roof

Maintenance and Repair activities

Repair and maintenance of :

  • Irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment

  • Optical instruments and equipment, if the use is mainly commercial

  • Power, distribution, and specialty transformers

  • Electric motors, generators, and motor generator sets

  • Switchgear and switchboard apparatus

  • Relays and industrial controls

  • Primary and storage batteries

  • Electric lighting equipment

  • Current-carrying wiring devices and non-current-carrying wiring devices for electrical wiring circuits

  • Fishing nets, including mending

  • Ropes, riggings, canvas, and tarps

  • Fertilizer and chemical storage bags

  • Wooden Pallets, Shipping Drums Or Barrels, And Similar Items

  • Pinball Machines And Other Coin-Operated Games

  • Industrial Machinery And Equipment Like Sharpening Or Installing Commercial And Industrial Machinery Blades And Saws

  • Non-Automotive Engines

  • Pumps And Related Equipment

  • Fluid Power Equipment

  • Valves

  • Gearing And Driving Elements

  • Industrial Process Furnaces

  • Materials Handling Equipment

  • Commercial Refrigeration Equipment And Air Purifying Equipment

  • Commercial-Type General-Purpose Machinery

  • Power-Driven Hand-Tools

  • Metal Cutting And Metal Forming Machine Tools And Accessories

  • Agricultural Tractors

  • Agricultural Machinery And Forestry And Logging Machinery

  • Metallurgy Machinery

  • Mining, Construction, And Oil And Gas Field Machinery

  • Food, Beverage, And Tobacco Processing Machinery

  • Textile Apparel, And Leather Production Machinery

  • Papermaking Machinery

  • Repair and maintenance of the measuring, testing, navigating, and control equipment such as:
    • Aircraft engine instruments
    • Automotive emissions testing equipment
    • Meteorological instruments
    • Physical, electrical, and chemical properties testing and inspection equipment
    • Surveying instruments
    • Radiation detection and monitoring instruments

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